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The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo

In Audiobooks on February 15, 2010 at 11:53 pm

Summary: After his mother’s death, Rob Horton and his father move into the Kentucky Star Motel, where his father works for the manager, Beauchamp.  One morning, Rob discovers a tiger locked in a cage in the woods – the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.  At school, Rob is tormented by bullies, and even the new girl, Sistine (“like the chapel”) Bailey gets upset at him.  Rob is relieved to be sent home from school – indefinitely – because of a skin condition on his legs, and he starts helping his father work around the motel.  When Sistine comes to visit Rob after school, Rob can’t help but tell her about the tiger and bring her to see it.  Sistine insists that they have to free it, but Rob doesn’t know how they can.  More importantly, would it be dangerous?

Highlights: The audiobook version of this story was very well done (read by Dylan Baker, a film actor).  I think the best thing about The Tiger Rising was how relatable it was – kids who have endured bullying or the loss of a family member, like Rob, or dealt with the disintegration of their parent’s marriage, like Sistine, will be able to identify with the main characters.  More importantly, they will learn that even in this midst of sadness they can find something beautiful – perhaps even within themselves.  A National Book Award Finalist.

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