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Fearless by Taylor Swift

In Music on May 7, 2010 at 9:33 am

Summary: Taylor Swift’s sophomore album contains 13 tracks that describe the emotional highs and lows of high school and romantic relationships.  The country starlet sings about Romeo and Juliet in the lead single, “Love Story,” taking the star-crossed lovers and changing their fate.  Swift says of the song, “I just took my favorite characters and gave them the ending that they deserve.”  The song “You Belong With Me” captures the intense feelings of a crush on a boy dating someone else, and dreams that he will realize that they are meant for each other.  Swift wrote the sweet song “The Best Day” as a surprise for her mother, and the title track “Fearless” can be described as a thank-you letter to her fans (the music video contains footage of Swift on tour and interacting with her fans).  Fearless was the top selling album of 2009.

Highlights: This album is an encapsulation of the high school experience, and appeals broadly to those who are experiencing it, the tweens who are anticipating it, and the adults looking back sentimentally.  Swift, who writes all of her songs, knows what her fans are looking for and has a gift for writing catchy and relatable tunes.  The fairy tale imagery she uses in many of her songs will appeal to anyone who has dreamed of being a princess, and I think the message of having high standards and waiting for a deserving partner comes through.  While the subject is high school, younger teens (and pre-teens!) will love this song, and parents will be delighted that there is no objectionable content.  It will be exciting to see what Swift does next!


Taylor Swift’s Official Website

Taylor Swift’s VEVO Channel

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