Caroline Davis

Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Video Game on May 3, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Summary: Start a new life in a new town with the Animal Crossing: Wild World game on your Nintendo DS.  Get to know your neighbors, decorate your house, work at the store to earn bells (money), catch fish, collect fossils for the museum, and more!  You can even connect with your friends and visit their towns by using the Nintendo DS WiFi connection.  Live your virtual life however you like in this fun and highly addicting game!

Highlights: The premise of Animal Crossing: Wild World may not sound like much on the surface – there are no objectives or mini-games, and the clock in the game passes in real-time (parents will be glad to know that the town shuts down after a certain hour, so there will be little incentive for late night gaming).  The basic story is that your character has moved into this town, and can expand their tiny house by working in the store and paying off their mortgage.  Perhaps not the most exciting plot, but it may come as no surprise that this game is very addicting – it combines the virtual life of games like The Sims with the real estate ventures of Monopoly, a potent mix!  I found that I enjoyed the freedom to do whatever activity I liked (my favorite is to wander around with a shovel, searching for fossils to dig up).  It gets a little monotonous to perform the same tasks repeatedly, but there is enough change in the game to keep it interesting (for instance, there are constantly animal neighbors moving in and out of town, and sometimes unexpected items – like a message in a bottle – wash up on the beach).  Very fun!


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