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How to Train Your Dragon

In Movies on April 19, 2010 at 10:25 pm

Summary: In Hiccup’s village, there is nothing more honorable than becoming a great dragon killer, like his father, the chief.  But Hiccup is never given the opportunity to fight, so he can’t impress his father and his peers (especially Astrid, on whom he has a crush).  During a nighttime attack, Hiccup uses a contraption he designed to catch the Night Fury, the most mysterious and dangerous of dragons.  But when he tracks it down, Hiccup finds that he is unable to kill it, and releases it.  While most of the village is on an expedition to destroy the dragon nest, Hiccup is being trained to fight dragons.  He secretly returns to visit the Night Fury, and forms a companionship with the injured beast and names him Toothless.  Hiccup is worried that his secret might be discovered, and becomes conflicted when he realizes that the Vikings completely misunderstand the dragons.

Highlights: Based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the film version of How to Train Your Dragon is a visually impressive computer-animated feature (especially when viewed on a movie screen in 3D!).  There were some very thrilling parts, especially the flying scenes.  Aside from the technical aspects, this was a movie with a lot of heart that will resonate with anyone who has felt like an outsider.  The moral of the story was that Hiccup was able to become accepted, and even a hero, not because he conformed to what was expected, but because he learned to appreciate being different and use his unique gifts.  The relationship that developed between boy and dragon was particularly touching, and in many ways they had to rely on each other (for instance, Toothless wasn’t able to fly unless Hiccup was operating his prosthetic tail).  There are more books in Cowell’s series, and it will be interesting to see if they make more movies.  And I’m going to keep an eye out for the soundtrack, some of the Celtic inspired music was beautiful!


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