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Fantastic Mr. Fox

In Movies on April 19, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Summary: When Mr. Fox learns that he is going to become a father, he promises Mrs. Fox that he will end his dangerous career stealing poultry.  Two years later, Mr. Fox decides to move his family out of a hole and into a tree – which happens to be in the same neighborhood as three affluent farms, owned by Boggis, Bunce and Bean.  Mr. Fox decides to secretly plan one last heist, and raids each of the farms on sequential nights.  In the meantime, the Fox family is caring for their nephew, Kristofferson, who is naturally athletic and likeable, much to the envy of their son, Ash.  The three farmers plot their revenge against Mr. Fox and try to ambush him outside of his tree, but only succeed in shooting off his tail.  They determine to dig him out, forcing the Fox family to burrow deeper into the hill and cutting off the food supply of all the animal families in the area.  The situation seems hopeless, but Mr. Fox devises a plan to save the lives of the starving animals.

Highlights: This quirky, stop-motion film is based on a children’s book by Roald Dahl (my personal favorite of his collection).  Under the direction of Wes Anderson, the plot has been expanded in delightful ways, although I felt that it remained faithful to the book even as new characters and situations were added.  One of my favorite additions was the character of Ash, Mr. Fox’s son, who can never quite live up to the legendary figure of his father, and also feels inadequate when compared to his cousin, Kristofferson, but possesses eagerness and a brave heart and is given an opportunity to display his courage.  George Clooney was an excellent casting choice for the voice of Mr. Fox, and manages to portray him with the slight arrogance and egotism of his character while still remaining a fantastic hero.


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