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Fair Weather by Richard Peck

In Books on February 17, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Summary: In the thirteen years of her life, Rosie Beckett has never traveled farther from her farm than a horse could take her in one day.  This all changes when a letter arrives from her Aunt Euterpe in Chicago, inviting Rosie and her siblings to come visit for a week to see the World’s Columbian Exposition – the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair!  For a country girl impressed by getting to travel on a train, the marvels of the World’s Fair are almost too incredible to believe.  If only they could get Aunt Euterpe to stop worrying about everything and enjoy herself!

Highlights: This well-researched bit of historical fiction gives the reader a glimpse into the excitement of the turn of the century.  Rosie is an character that many readers can identify with – caught between growing up like her sister, Lottie, who has a male caller, and staying young like Buster, her little brother.  The activities of an 1890’s rural Illinois farm come to life as she experiences them, and even more so the bustle of the crowd at the Exposition.  One of the 2002 Best Books for Young Adults and a Notable Book in the English Language Arts.


Interview with Richard Peck (Publisher’s Weekly)

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